Egyptian dry garlic
Egyptian dry garlic

The Egyptian dry garlic season will get going by the start of May

The fresh green garlic season in Egypt is coming to a close giving way to the Egyptian dry garlic season to start in May, says Mai Yassin, export manager at Egyptian fresh produce exporter Stars of Export.

“We’re in the midst of our fresh green garlic season, which is the better business when compared to the dry garlic. However, we do a really good job with both of the products,” Mai Yassin said.

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The Egyptian dry garlic season will get going by the start of May

“Our fresh green garlic season started at the end of January, and it should last until the end of April. After which, at the start of May the dry garlic season will get going. We expect the dry garlic season to last until September.”

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The Egyptian dry garlic season will get going by the start of May

Despite national production of garlic having dropped by quite a bit, Yassin explains that for Stars of Export, the volumes are expected to be higher than last year.

“The cultivation of garlic in Egypt has been lower this year, production dropped by 30 per cent, perhaps even more.

“The weather was very good though, which means the quality of the Egyptian garlic is good this year.

“For Stars of Export specifically, quantities were higher than they were last year as well.”

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For fresh garlic, Yassin has been focussing on the European market, but she states there will be more options for export for the dry gαrlic season.

“The demand has been good and stable for the most part, although some weeks the market was a bit slow. The demand for fresh garlic can mostly be found in Europe.

“Dry garlic has more channels, but dry garlic is really a big challenge, as we take care of the product from cultivation to packing.

“We do the process of drying the garlic at our lands, under our control. So we know what happens to our products at any stage of the process.”

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