Ken Bruce
Ken Bruce

Ken Bruce Children: Meet Ken Bruce’s Children

Ken Bruce biography

Kenneth Robertson Bruce is a Scottish broadcaster who was born on February 2nd, 1951 in Glasgow in Scotland.

Ken Bruce

Bruce is said to be the last of four children, three boys and a girl as he was born to a father who run his own business to support the family and his mother who was a housewife.

Ken Bruce went to Glasgow’s Hutchesons’ Boys’ Grammar School before completing his chartered accountancy training. Bruce’s first position was car wash. With Glasgow’s Hospital Broadcasting Service, he started his broadcasting career.

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Ken Bruce was hired by BBC Radio 4 Scotland as a staff announcer. Ken Bruce joined Iain Purdon as one of the founding presenters of Nightbeat after BBC Radio Scotland premiered in November 1978. After that, Charles Nove entered the rotation for presentations. He additionally hosted a Saturday morning program.

Ken Bruce

Ken Bruce started hosting a mid-morning show in 1980, then in 1983 he switched to an afternoon entertainment show. In the late 1980s, he aired his mid-morning program on the BBC World Service.

Ken Bruce career

Following the passing of David Findlay, the announcer/presenter of Scottish Dance Music programs for Radio Scotland, Bruce’s first broadcasts came from Scotland when he took over the presentation of Radio 2 Ballroom from Scotland. He regularly broadcast Radio 2 Ballroom shows from November 1980 till 1982.

He started working as a fill-in host for Ray Moore on the Early Show on Radio 2. Bruce further broadcast programs from London for Radio Scotland.

Bruce left Radio Scotland in January 1985 to succeed Terry Wogan on The Radio 2 Breakfast Show. In April 1986, Derek Jameson assumed Bruce’s place. When March 1990 came to a conclusion, he started his first stint on the mid-morning program, which he continued until the end of April 1990.

Ken Bruce

After hosting the early show for the remainder of 1991, Ken Bruce moved back to the mid-morning spot on January 6, 1992, where he still works today. Since January 14, 2019, Jeremy Vine is followed at 12:00 by Bruce’s show, which airs at 9:30 after Zoe Ball.

On January 17, 2023, Bruce made it known that he would be departing BBC Radio 2 in March of that year in order to work on other projects outside of the corporation, including hosting a brand-new mid-morning program for Greatest Hits Radio.

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The focus of Bruce’s program is music, which frequently features live performances. The love song and dedications portion of competitions, which are typically music-based, begins at 10:15 am. A celebrity chooses two songs every day for their unique significance in the Record of the Week, Album of the Week, and Tracks of My Years recurring features.

The program also has a daily quiz called PopMaster. Spin It to Win It and Words Don’t Come Easily were among the competitions that it had previously offered, however these were discontinued in 2007 as a result of the phone-in controversy. The other contests did not return in early 2008, but PopMaster did.

Since February 16th, 1998, Bruce’s show has included PopMaster as a segment. It gives a smart speaker for finishing the Three-in-Ten bonus round successfully and features questions created by music industry expert Phil Swern.

After broadcast on July 18, 2007, the public phone-in PopMaster quiz was discontinued. A celebrity edition debuted on July 20 and ran through January 18, 2008. In the celebrity version, “Three-in-Ten” was not used, and a tie did not require a tiebreaker. The public was supposed to be able to play once more before Christmas 2007, however this did not occur.

On May 17, 2013, during his show, Bruce participated in a special Eurovision edition of PopMaster, which was broadcast live from Malmö, Sweden. Paddy O’Connell and Bruce faced off in the quiz, which was presided over by John Kennedy O’Connor.

In August 2007, Bruce was temporarily replaced by Davina McCall while he was on vacation. More than 150 listeners complained about this. Bill Kenwright, a theater producer, revealed to Bruce during his performance on April 21, 2008, that Elvis Presley once visited London in 1958 and was given a tour of the city by Tommy Steele.

Ken Bruce was formally admitted into the Radio Academy Hall of Fame in December 2008. On April 1, 2011, comedian Rob Brydon hosted Bruce’s radio show while continuously mimicking Bruce. Peter Serafinowicz’s impersonation of “Sir Terry Wogan” was the subject of an interview by Brydon, while Bruce himself made a guest appearance at the end of the broadcast as his “brother Kenn with two Ns.”

Due to limitations placed by Covid-19, Bruce self-isolated and broadcast his show from his house from 23 March 2020 until 31 May 2021. In June 2021, Bruce resumed programming from Wogan House.

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Ken Bruce children

Bruce has six children from his previous and current marriage. He has four sons and two daughters. The names of his children are Murray Bruce, Verity Bruce, Campbell Bruce, Charlie Bruce, Kate Bruce and Douglas Bruce.

All of Bruce’s children are doing well for themselves in the fields they’ve found themselves in life.